Saima Khan Hot Mujra

Saima khan

Saima khan is one the most successful and popular film and stage actor and dancer. She is pretty , attractive, beautiful, sexy and hot dancer of the film industy and queen of the stage industry. Saima khan is symbol of hot and sexy mujra dance and she really knows how to dance and seduce the audience.
Saima khan is basically belongs to the Sialkot city of the Pakistan she was born in 1977 in Sialkot district and her real name is attia khanum. She was police constable by profession before coming into the stage world. She used to dance during that profession and used to attend night parties. Saima khan was introduced to a stage director during the private mujra of a marriage. Saima khan was offered to perform on stage on heavy amount but she refused due to her job, so saima khan refused during job. But after some time saima khan was agreed to dance on stage and she selected a very hot and sexy song to perform on live performance. In this mujra performance saima khan first time in the history of the Pakistan performed live and show her boobs live and exposed her breast even nipples. After this mujra performance saima khan was one of the hot topic to discuss in the young men and mujra lovers or stage lovers. She performed so hot and sexy dance even she crossed all the limits of nudity on stage and show her boobs and nipples and become one of the hot topic. Everyone in Pakistan and outside pakistsan want to see her mujra dance and enjoy this unlimited enjoyment.
This news reached to saima khan,s bosses and she was arrested after some days because this kind of activities were not allowed in police department, she was encountered a tough situation and she have to sacrifice one of the field and she agreed to resign from job.
Now she was free to perform on stage and she did great dances on stage and in private music albums. She crossed the limits of stage laws and shows her body and satisfies her audience and become one of the popular stage and theater mujra actor and dancer. Saima khan become the hot and sexy stage dancer and demand of every stage with in no time. She starts to perform on two theaters in one day and introduced a new trend in stage world of entertainment. Saima khan was a great hard worker and love to dance.
Saima khan uses hot, sexy and most seductive dresses and become demand of the every live entertainment. She is tall and having very sexy and hot body and very strong so hot and sexy expressions which is the basic need of the stage or theater.
Saima khan used to do more and more performance in one day and was one of the hot actor and dancer of stage and achieved popularity heights in no time. Saim khan offered by film industry to perform item girl role which later become as prostitute and supplier in high class families. Saima did this role in so beautiful way that she become the need of every film. Now saim khan is one of the busiest actor and dancer both on stage as well as on stage.
Saima khan is included in those dancer and actor which are the demand of the audience and industry.
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