Nargis Hot Mujra


Nargis is one of most famous personality of the entertainment industry. She is a great actor and also a great dancer. She is the one of the most famous and beautiful actor and dancer of the film industry and stage world.
She is born in 1974 in Pakistan and her name is Nargis (urdu name ). Her real name is Ghazalla ( its means a female deer).She has now two male kids and they are in canada for studies and live with their father. Nargis introduced her younger sister deedar in film industry but she was so much thin and having female assets of low grade that’s why she was not liked in film industry. She starts to perform in stage world and become a popular dancer in the stage world. She is born is Lahore in Pakistan in one of the renowned family belonging to the entertainment world. She belongs to Lahore,s mujra family and she do mujra regularly before coming into film industry. Nargis first film was “general rani” in that film she was a just co actor and as a dancer. After that nargis started a lot of films and become one of the most popular and hot girl. Nargis did every kind of roles as dancer, as a prostitute, bar girl, servant girl and much more hot roles. Nargis did item role in films and dance on item songs. Nargis was popular in whole film industry as a item girl. Nargis did very dances in songs of different films and use very bold, sexy and hot dresses. Nargis expose her body very much in songs and in bold scenes, she often uses so much bold and hot scenes and wear bold, sexy and hot dresses. Nargis boobs size is 36” and of white milky color and having of very good shape and she mostly uses to show them. Nargis usually did seducing scenes in the films and show her boobs by which she can make scenes hot and seduce men which make her most hot and loving actor and dancer during film tenor.
She is the most beautiful and glorious girl of the entertainment world. She is a white skin and beautiful assets having in her body. She is tall and beautiful breasts and typical face of entertainment industry.
By the passage of time Pakistani film industry start to reduce and stage world started to expand and their earnings and popularity level also start to increase. At this time many of the film actors start to perform at stage and earn popularity and money both. Nargis by the change of time also change her attentions towards the stage and join stage as dancer but with the passage of time she become one of the top popular dancer of stage. One of the biggest reasons of her popularity was her sexy face expressions during dance which make them popular and hot dancer of the stage.  Nargis during dance uses face expressions to seduce men and over act during dance with eyes and make her dance hotter. Nargis after success in dance start to perform with comedians and with the use of her confidence she become one of the popular female comedian on stage and in top ten comedian on stage.  In short, Nargis is beautiful,sexy hot and perfect dancer, actor of the film and stage industry.
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